Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions from our prospective customers.
What is Kubikk?

Kubikk is a platform that makes Kubernetes cluster deployments easy, seamless and fast.

Who should use Kubikk?

DevOps Engineers, Developers, Software Engineers and anyone else wanting to deploy Kubernetes clusters.

Why choose Kubikk?

Deploying your own Kubernetes clusters can be complex and confusing. Kubikk makes it easy to deploy Kubernetes clusters using predefined configuration templates called Profiles.

Is DevOps experience mandatory to use Kubikk?

Not really. Kubikk users would need to know their Cloud networking information to be able to configure Profiles and deploy clusters using Kubikk.

For example, to deploy an EKS cluster in AWS, users will have to provide VPC information like VPC CIDR, Subnet CIDRs etc.

How will Kubikk help a DevOps engineer?

With Kubikk, DevOps engineers will have the capability of reusing profiles for multiple deployments.

As Admins, DevOps engineers will have role based access control capability allowing them to delegate tasks like creating Profiles and deploying clusters to non-DevOps engineers.

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